The British Chiropractic Association Autumn Conference

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We have just returned from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) Autumn Conference in Bristol.  We decided to leave earlier on Friday to avoid the traffic on the M42 and M5 which worked out brilliantly but unfortunately we happened to arrive ‘just in time’ to get into Bristol at 5.30pm Friday night – with hind sight, probably not the best time to arrive in a strange city where your conference hotel is literally right in the city center!

What was the conference about?

The theme of the conference was ‘governance’.  As a result of the many well publicised failings in a number of NHS hospitals, within the next 4 years, it is highly probable that allied medical professions will almost certainly need to formally document, measure and manage how we run our day to day practices with specific reference to designated health industry standards/criteria. It could be considered as the medical equivalent of the ‘Investors in people’ or ISO standards.

The conference was spread over both days of the weekend and featured many national and international speakers from a variety of disciplines. Probably the most distinguished was David Chapman Smith LLB (HONS) PCE, FICC (HON) Secretary-General, World Federation of Chiropractic.

He has written and published literally hundreds of articles as well as authored or contributed to a number of books.  As a single example he exhaustively researched and published his comparison of Chiropractic education to medical school education which we have shown here – Chiropractic Vs medical education.  The results of which will probably surprise you!

What does governance mean to you the patient?

On the surface you will not see many changes. You will still the get the same high exacting standards in terms of service and treatment that have always been the foundation at WellBeing Clinics and what you have come to expect. The same high quality, evidence based treatments will be delivered by the Chiropractors with advice about your best course of action to help your feel better in the shortest period of time

However behind the scenes a huge amount of ‘paper work’ will be done in order to comply with what we feel is potentially coming down the line.  Nothing has been set in stone, no dates have been given out to comply by, nor announcements formally made by our regulatory bodies that this governance is going to occur in this time frame. However it’s our belief and others that it is coming.  So as a result, as is the WellBeing way, we want to keep at the cutting edge of our profession so we can keep delivering the high standards of care and treatment in line with any potential new set standards for years to come.

Watch this space for future updates on our progress!

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