Read your colleagues experience of their treatment at WellBeing Clinics

  • I have as both a serving and now retired Police officer utilised the services at the Wellbeing clinic for over 10 years.  The treatment has always been extremely effective, it has been delivered in a caring but highly professional way and has enabled me to return to full fitness in a timely fashion. I first went to the clinic in 2003, after a course of Physiotherapy at my GP Practice had failed to address my back condition.  It took the chiropractor only a few sessions to get on top of the problem and within a short period of time I was fully fit. I am aware of a number of serving Police Officers referred by the Force Occupational Health Department to the clinic for treatment, for varying injuries and ailments that had proven too stubborn for the local NHS services to improve.  The feedback from those patients was nothing but positive, and many were resumed back to full fitness and returned to their duties in quick time.

    5/5 Star Rating

    –S R Kennedy (Retired Police Chief Inspector)

  • Professional advice in a friendly environment.  The Staff listened to my problem and gave me clear advice on the cause and treatment required.  I suffered with low back pain for 18 months and after just one treatment began to feel improvements. I would absolutely recommended WellBeing Clinics Derby.  I can no longer use my bad back as an excuse for my poor Golf!

    5/5 Star Rating

    –Mathew Russell Detective Constable

  • Staff always fab they remember something personal you said to them even over 18 months ago (i.e. Groupon vouchers and where I’d been with the vouchers).   They make you feel like you have come to see friends.  Richard is the same and always recalls something we spoke about months ago so I really value this personal service.  Which is one of the reasons I come back apart from I get results after placing my aching bones in Richards hands.

    5/5 Star Rating

    –Mrs George Dodson, Traffic Police Officer

  • I was a patient of Ian’s at his previous clinic and was pleased to be able to continue my treatment with him at Wellbeing Clinics, where I have attended regularly since. My back problems diminished; following treatment from Ian, where repeated physiotherapy had failed. I can’t recommend Wellbeing enough. The location, décor, staff and facilities are superb and the excellent treatment/check-ups have ensured I don’t have to take time off from work. Everyone at Wellbeing is friendly, welcoming & happy to accommodate changes at short notice. I look forward to my visits to the clinics.

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs Belinda Elliot, Police Constable

  • I have been using the Wellbeing Clinic at Derby for around 3 months due to pain in my lower back and getting nowhere with my doctor. Richard and Ian (The Chiropractors) were recommended to me by a work colleague after they had successful treatment for a similar problem. My first visit involved a thorough talk through my problems with Ian my allocated Chiropractor. He listened to the problems I had been experiencing, what aggravated them and more questions around my lifestyle. Ian then used his skills to examine my back fully and identified the issue and what he could do to help manage the pain and ultimately improve my condition. The information I received was pitched at just the right level, Ian used visual displays and a language I understood to explain things fully. The Wellbeing Clinic is able to refer you directly to a private practitioner for MRI scans and other suitable treatments if required or they can report back to your doctor if you prefer to go via the NHS route. The premises are easy to find with a good amount of free parking and easy access to examination rooms with a stair lift to help if required. The best part of going to Wellbeing Clinics Derby are all of the staff that work there from the reception and administration team through to Ian and Richard the Chiropractors, they all offer a friendly smile and will go out of their way to make you feel at ease and offer you the best treatment possible.

    Since first visiting I now know what the cause of my pain is, I receive regular treatment to reduce the pain and I am looking at a long term plan for a full recovery, something I didn’t receive with my own doctor.
    I highly recommend them, 5 Stars without doubt!

    5/5 Star Rating

    –Rob Lester MCMI Police Control Room Supervisor 

How does getting better and saving money sound?

Police Federation

Click or tap the bars to read more – terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

  • 1. Enjoy a large discount off your initial consultation!


    Pay £37 for your initial consultation instead of £55 – that’s a 33% SAVING.

  • 2. Reduced treatment costs!

    saveYour savings do not stop at the first consultation like many BNCO offers – Brand New Customers Only.  You are also entitled to receive FREE treatments.  When you have paid for 4 visits the 5th treatment will be free. This offer is valid whether you pre pay for 4 visits all at once or choose to pay as you go.  This equates to a huge saving equivalent to 20% off each visit!  In our experience most people who present to us will be able to make use of this benefit.

    How can I benefit from the ongoing offer of reduced treatment cost?

    • Those of you with complex problems that require a prolonged treatment programme having free treatments gives you more opportunity to help get you to the best that you can be.

    • Those of you who want elective check-ups having free check-ups reduces the cost of this care. What is an elective check-up care?  Just read the link.

    • Existing patients benefit too.  So if you have been with us for a while you too will not lose out either.

  • 3. Long term reduced treatment costs!

    saveThis offer of FREE treatment is an ongoing offer so that you all can benefit in the short and longer term.  So whether you use us for a complex problem, elective check-up care or on an as need basis you will still be entitled to every 5th treatment visit free.

  • 4. Friends and family discounts – referring others who do not qualify under the scheme

    How does this work?

    You can also help out friends and family with a discount by making use of our in house reward scheme – vouchers are available at the front reception desk and in holders throughout the clinic.  When you refer friends and family members (who are not in the staff discount scheme) they receive a reward of a £5 voucher off an initial consultation (on presentation of a valid voucher).  Alternatively at their request a £5 donation will be made to one of these three charities Cancer UK, NSPCC or WWF – for full terms and conditions please read the voucher booklet.

  • 5. Relax enjoy a 100% guarantee – no risk of you wasting your money

    Satisfaction guarantee

    Finally don’t worry about results – we are so confident that you will be delighted with our service that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.There is no need to worry that you could be wasting your hard earned money.  To read more about Wellbeing clinics 100% satisfaction guarantee just read the link.

Police staff UNISON members qualify too


How to book an appointment –  your first steps to feeling better

Remember you must show your SD discount/NARPO/Police ID/ Police staff UNISON card at the initial consultation to qualify.

On line booking at WellBeing Clinics

Spread the word – tell your colleagues, friends and family about our offers!

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Commonly asked questions – see our FAQ’s page as well

Who can see a Chiropractor?

Any age group from the young, the elderly, the brittle bone, the inactive and the sporty.  Our treatment is tailored to you.

I don’t have a back problem – Chiropractors just crack joints and treat backs don’t they?

Chiropractors are experts at treating back pains but they are also experts in diagnosing and treating all manner of joint and muscle aches and pains/injuries from head to toe – including sporting injuries. Chiropractors are trained to use many techniques to help to get you better. They decide on the right treatment taking into account your problem, age and your preference. Manipulation (’cracking joints’) is just one possible treatment technique out of many options.

I have seen a Chiropractor/Physiotherapist/Osteopath already and it did not help

Not all practitioners are the same.  Treatment approaches vary from one profession to another and also within the same profession so you should not assume that ‘it will not work for you’, besides you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – remember we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

I have seen my GP/Orthopaedic consultant and they have said nothing can be done

With all due respect, often when you get told this what they mean is that there is nothing that they can do to help – that is not necessarily the same as nothing can be done to help.  For example GP’s are not usually trained in manual treatments (e.g. manipulation) and Orthopaedic surgeons principally do surgery and injections and so if your problem does not require either ‘nothing can be done’ can really mean there is nothing ‘I can do for you’.

I have had these problems for years – there is no point trying

Our Chiropractors have over 50 years combined experience in helping 1000’s of patients feel better.  You can be assured you will get professional advice.  If they can help you it will be explained by how much they estimate they can help i.e. a realistic % improvement you are likely to achieve and with treatment how long it will take and cost.  If you need onward referral for example surgery they will tell you.  Remember we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

More information

 (01332) 224820


Opening hours

For your convenience the clinic appointments start at 8.30 am  weekdays day and we have two late opening nights for those who want to schedule appointments outside office hours:-

Monday 8.15am – 5.00pm

Wednesday 8.15am – 4.45pm

Tues & Thurs 8.15am – 6.30pm

Friday 8.15am – 4:30pm


Outside these hours we have:

An answer phone service* and our 24 hours online booking in for new and existing patients

*If you are calling over a weekend and you require emergency advice please leave your name and telephone number(s) and a short message.  The answer phone is screened regularly by the Chiropractors over the weekend and they will call you back. 

From Monday to Thursday the messages will be cleared the next working day – again please leave your name and telephone number together with a short message and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


Unsure if you should see us?

If you would like to talk to one of our expert chiropractors before you come in call us on 01332 224820.

Chiropractors at WellBeing Clinics – “Over 44 years of combined experience helping people like you get better”


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Terms and conditions of this offer

  1. You must show the SD discount/NARPO/Police ID/ Police staff UNISON card at the first consultation to receive the initial consultation discount. The initial discount can only be presented for use at the first consultation. It is not transferable for subsequent visits.
  2. Once you bring in the SD discount/NARPO/Police ID / Police staff UNISON card your eligibility to the free treatment reward scheme will start from that point. It cannot be applied retrospectively.
  3. Existing patients – please show your SD discount/NARPO/Police ID / Police staff UNISON card and from that point forward you will be eligible to have the treatment offer applied.
  4. So there is no ambiguity the first consultation is classed as consultation – even if you are you are treated at this first encounter. Then after 4 treatments sessions you will be entitled to the 5th free treatment. Thereafter 4 more treatments are needed to qualify for a 5th free treatment and so on.
  5. The in house voucher and SD discount/NARPO/Police ID / Police staff UNISON  card schemes have no redeemable cash value.
  6. Free visits/discounts are not transferable to third parties.
  7. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee – or your money back!  Read the link to 100% guarantee.
  8. WellBeing Clinics reserves the right to withdraw, amend or alter this offer at any time. The clinic honour any free treatments ‘banked’ for a period of 1 year from the time of your last appointment.
  9. This scheme cannot be used in conjunction with 3rd party payers e.g BUPA, PPP.
  10. This scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Remember you must show your SD discount/NARPO/Police ID / Police staff UNISON card at the initial consultation to qualify.  Thank you.