Skin cancer warning signs

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Give yourself the ABCD’s mole check for melanoma.

Check all your moles – ask your partner to check you standing in front of a mirror and use a hand held mirror so you can check hard-to-see places. If you own a smart phone or tablet why don’t you take a picture which you can then zoom in and take a closer look?

Examine each mole as described below:

A is for Asymmetry: most moles are quite symmetrical. That means that if you draw a line down the middle, the part of the mole on either side should be a ‘mirror image’. If it’s not, get advice.
B is for Border: the border (outside edge or perimeter of the mole to the skin). Each mole should be well-defined and clear. If the border is fuzzy, blotchy, or irregular or not clear this needs looking at.
C is for Colour: moles should be one uniform colour. If there is a change in colour of any kind in the mole (darker/lighter or change to another colour e.g. red/black) you need to have that mole checked.
D is for any Difference: Check your moles regularly – it is suggested every month – to see if there is any change in them.
S is for Scratching – is it itchy? Do you feel the need to scratch it?

The bottom line is that melanoma skin cancer can be highly aggressive. If any of the above checks seem abnormal then please get specialist advice from your GP sooner rather than later.

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