How can your company get benefit from using us?

Let’s take the simple cost of an absence due to e.g. to a bad back.  Consider an employee off for 5 days with a bad back, who works a 40 hr week at minimum wage of £6.70 (Oct 15 figures). Their job needs to be covered, so that costs you the employer, their sick pay and overtime rate at time and a half of £10.05 for 40 hours:-

40hrs x£6.70 an per hour = £268

40hrs x10.05= £402.

Total cost per week of absence is £670.

Compare this to our current patient results and overall treatment costs. You could potentially save £497! (£670-£173).  Even if you did not pay any overtime as the job did not have to be covered, it could still cost you £95 more than by employing a chiropractor (£268-173). Don’t take our word for it, read our patient reported results and costs.

The first 5 days of an employee’s absence is self-certificated which means time off can occur which could potentially be avoided. We are all aware of the crisis in the NHS, it’s hard for your employee’s to get a quick assessment and advice from their GP these days, due to the lack of available appointments.

Even if employees can get to see their GP quickly, often the time needed to make an in-depth assessment is in our opinion not possible, and it’s our experience that as a result, it’s simply easier for the GP to take the safest route – to sign the employee off and give them the standard pain killers/anti-inflammatories/muscle relaxants.

It costs the GP nothing to sign your employee off, often for weeks at a time – all of which costs your company.

GP’s do have knowledge and experience helping mechanical pains but few have the knowledge base to know the ins and outs about treating and correcting pains using manual treatments – their first port of call is usually pharmacology i.e. painkillers and anti-inflammatories for instance. Simply, we are specialists in different fields, think of your body like a car – Chiropractors specialise in tuning up your engine (e.g. mechanical pains) and Doctors generally specialise looking at your fuel (e.g. heart, blood pressure, diabetes, stomachs).

Very few GP’s are trained in manipulative treatments and so very few are in the same position as Chiropractors in being able to decide when you can use manual treatments and which ones, and when you ought not to.  The differences in our training reflects this as both professions spend different lengths of times on certain subjects.

A proven track record


WellBeing has worked with large organisations – Public sector with several thousand employees – and small businesses who have only a few employees.  It can be argued that  the smaller the business the greater the impact of musculoskeletal problems can have.

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The Wellbeing approach – what services do we provide for your company?

We do much more than just crack backs! To see all the services that we can offer click/touch these icons belowto open up and close the pop up boxes.

Computer set up advice

You get personalised advice – taking into account your specific problem(s) on the best way of setting up your desk top computer and using your lap tops to minimise the chance that these computers will aggravate your symptoms.

More than just joints

Beds, pillows, healthy eating & exercies advice – weights or cardio – how long and how often? Health problems advice or impartial opinions given. We do far more than just muscles, joints, bones and nerves!

Treatment types

We suit the treatment to match you, your problem and your preferences to help you get better in the shortest period of time. We can:-

  • Massage – lightly or deeply (more like a sports massage)
  • Mobilise – firmly or gently
  • Manipulate – firmly or gently

Help yourself

We provide you with exercises that you need to help you get better faster. They can be:-

  • At home, and take just a few minutes of your time each day
  • Right up to:-

  • Full specific rehabilitation exercises using gym equipment and or personal trainers

Flexibilty advice

We provide you with stretches that you need to help you get better faster. They can be:-

  • At home, and take just a few minutes of your time each day
  • Right up to:-

  • Specific Yoga/Pilates stretching exercises at home or with a one to one trainer

Bespoke advice

If you have a problem you may need more specific advice than the manual handling directive gives. We can advise you on an individual basis what is best for you considering your problems and job requirements.

All over treament

We treat all manner of aches and pains Find out what we treat . Don’t see your problem? Just give us a call on 01332 224820 to see if could help you. Chiropractors don’t just do bad backs.


With years of combined experience we have the ’know how’ to help keep your work force at work and being productive.

Not too old or too young

Chiropractic treatment is suitable for all ages from the young to those who are retired. Not surprisingly, the biggest group of people we treat are those in work.

To belt or not to belt?

Would a support belt, brace or collar help your problem? We can give you the correct advice on an as needs basis.

Proven cost Vs benefit analysis

We can provide your company outcome treatment statistics about an individual worker or a whole group. You will have actual evidence of costs, benefits and patient satisfaction outcomes reported by your staff!

Get work place ergonomics right

Spending hours at the computer or in the car? Are you in pain at the end of your working day? We advise from a Chiroprators persepective how to get the right set up in your work place and your car to help reduce potential postural stresses.

Minor sports injury?

Sore and achy after sport? It may be no different than a general muscle or joint ache that you could feel after gardening/DIY or spending hours hunched over a desk. We can help advise if chiropractic or other treatment is more suitable


We are qualified in radiography and radiology so we are able to request and read images such as MRI scans and x-rays. This has the potential to save you money by preventing long periods of staff absence while waiting for NHS appointments to come through.

Self help

We can advise if there any supplements that you could take to help you feel better. We give advice based on clinical and research evidence. We do not sell these (so that you know we have no financial interest in pushing them) but we direct you to high street and online stores for purchase.

Should I see a GP?

Our long training allows us to decide which conditions and symptoms are suitable for chiropractic treatment and which symptoms need a medical or surgical opinion or further medical investigations. If you are unsure if you ought to see us call us on 01332 224820 and ask to speak to Ian or Richard. You will always get the advice which is the best course of action.

Standard Benefits for all corporate clients

All Corporate Clients are entitled to the following benefits, regardless of the value of monthly spend:

  • Priority treatment – appointments offered within one working day (times not guaranteed).
  • Onward referral letters if required – no extra charge.
  • Initial letter with diagnosis and recommended course of action – no extra charge.
  • Discharge letter including, if required, suggested employer action e.g. ergonomics review – no extra charge.
  • Patient Outcome Measures available – no extra charge.
  • Arrangement of priority MRI scans.

Scale of discounted treatment fees

Further to the Standard Benefits above, there is also a scale of discounts available as follows in 4 levels depending on month by month spending.  So there is no ambiguity, a ‘month’ is a calender month from the 1st of the month to month end when an invoice on the account will be raised.

Pricing Table named "Company discount" does not have any Properties.

Note: discounts are not appliacable to supplied items e.g belts, pillows, orthotics etc.

Payment for our services/contracts 

You can use us on an as need basis or on retainer – you decide:

Insurance company cover

We are covered by all major insurance companies. If you have a company scheme why not use it?  Please note: unfortunately we cannot apply the discounts to the insurance companies due to thier billing arrangements directly with us.

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31 million working days lost each year through musculoskeletal injury – is your business part of this statistic?*

A total of 131 million days were lost due to sickness absences in the UK*.  The main cause for lost working days was musculoskeletal conditions (such as back, neck and joint pain), leading to 31 million days lost*.  The next most important cause was minor illnesses such as coughs and colds (27 million days lost), followed by stress, anxiety or depression, at 15 million days lost.

This figure represents a huge loss, and we understand that as a business owner you are trying your best to improve your productivity while reducing your business costs in this very competitive economy. After all, global competition is really putting a pressure on our local community business owners – small, medium or large, all businesses are facing the same competitive challenges in England.

Providing cost effective health care solutions for our local business community and talking with many business owners just like you, we have found that an often overlooked way to help reduce costs for your business is to tackle the health management of your current workforce. We can offer you two service levels:-

  • Reactive health management – treating injuries and pain, helping employees stay at work or helping them back to work as quickly as possible.
  • Proactive health management – this can for some be the best line of defence for lost work days due to illness and injury. This could be achieved through a simple assessment of your current business needs and operations, perhaps some simple lifting/computer set up advice or general exercise plans for your workforce. WellBeing Clinics health care solutions could help improve your business outcomes, workforce productivity and could actually help save money for your business in the long run.

This may seem like a contradiction but spending money (on something that is probably perceived by management as a luxury) could help to save money, but the fact of the matter is WellBeing’s Chiropractors could help your company save money and help it run more efficiently. We are very cost effective and if you have a company medical insurance scheme, we may even be ‘free’ as you have already paid for it with your scheme fees.

Consider having WellBeing on board as an important extension to the arm of your HR and Health and Safety dept. It can provide you the employer, with peace of mind knowing that you have gone beyond your duty of care, which in the unlikely event that a claim is made against your company would add considerable weight to your defence.

WellBeing are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all manner of musculoskeletal aches and pains from head to toe – we don’t just do bad backs! Our experience of working with companies over the years has told us they rarely manage musculoskeletal illness and all its implications very well.


  1. *
  2. *2013 the last available figures

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