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Ian Reed and Richard Nelson, Chiropractors at WellBeing Chiropractic Clinic in Derby are pleased to announce that they have successfully passed their rigorous re registration process with their independent regulatory body the General Chiropractic Council (GCC for short).  In order to regain acceptance onto the register,  Ian and Richard have to spend a large number of hours keeping up to date learning with others by attending seminars and conferences as well as spending many hours of focused learning on their own.

What does this mean to you?

You can be rest assured that they are both keeping  up to date with current research and developments in the fields of mechanical and traditional medicine so they can continue give you the best possible advice and treatment for your problems.  This marks the 14th year of continuous registration for them both since the GCC and register was formed  in 1999.  Richard and Ian were part of the first wave of Chiropractors accepted onto the General Chiropractic Council register which reflects in their early registration  numbers of 0155 and 0198.

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Derby Chiropractor Ian Reed and co founder of WellBeing Clinics Derby