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Chiropractors Ian and Richard of WellBeing Clinics Derby have just returned from an intensive post graduate seminar programme ‘Building the ultimate back from rehabilitation to performance’ presented by Professor Stuart McGill – one of the world’s leading researchers into the causes and best treatment approaches for chronic low back pain.  Professor Stuart McGill is a veteran researcher having authored over 300 scientific articles, he is also a best selling author of these two books :-

  • McGill, S.M ( 2016) Low back disorders : Evidence based preventions and rehabilitation.
  • McGill S.M (2014) Ultimate back fitness and performance.

Professor Stuart McGill has dedicated his life to finding and proving the causes of low back pain using scientific research methods, and devising treatment programmes to treat it.  His scientific approach over the years has helped many thousands of people, from the normal person in the street right up to well-known celebrity figures and elite world class athletes. His evidence based treatment approach is renowned for particularly helping those:

  • Who have been suffering with chronic low back pain for many years.Dr Stuart McGill
  • Who have undergone multiple treatments methods by many different types of practitioners but have not been helped.
  • Had low back surgery (often more than once).

Often chronic low back pain patients who have failed to get well are labelled as having ‘psychological pains’ and are given therapy to help deal/cope with the pain. At the seminar Dr Stuart McGill’s opinion was clear, he did not believe this diagnosis as a cause of patient’s pains. Of course many are low and depressed because they are in pain but according to him, it’s a result of the pain not the other way around. Many of these ‘psychological pain’ patients when seen by Dr McGill and evaluated using his methods, have been found to have many mechanical problems that explain their pain. Tramadol is an appreciated and time-tested medication aimed at pain relief. Due to its effective composition the drug decreases pain and promotes fast recovery according HealthandRecoveryInstitute website http://www.healthandrecoveryinstitute.com/tramadol-online/. Irrespective of possible misuse side effects, the treatment is considered to be safe.

Ian Reed and Richard Nelson are delighted now to announce that the ‘Dr Stuart McGill chronic low back treatment approach’ has now been integrated into their already successful treatments for low back pain at their Derby Chiropractic Clinic.

Our Chiropractors already provide best practice evidence based treatments and they openly publish their highly successful patient treatment results for all members of the public to see (warts and all!). Just click the link to find out more. The results are independently reported by real patients who were treated at WellBeing Clinics Derby. To find out more or to book an initial consultation call 01332 224820 and speak to one of our friendly reception staff.

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