Diagnosed with lung cancer? Giving up will extend your life

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New research now proves, there is every reason to give up smoking if you have cancer.

We have all heard a relative, friend or colleague say that there is no point stopping smoking now that they have been diagnosed with lung cancer… but new research shows there is every point! Lung cancer patients can live longer…..much longer if they quit smoking around the time of their cancer diagnosis.
Researchers looked at 250 lung cancer patients who were smokers and were referred to a tobacco cessation program to help them stop smoking. Fifty had recently quit smoking, and 71 had quit smoking soon after being referred.

Those who quit smoking shortly before or after they learned they had lung cancer lived an average of 2 years and 4 months. Those who continued to smoke lived much less – an average of 1 year 6 months, the study found.Astonishingly even patients with very advanced lung cancer gained extra survival time if they quit smoking. Emphasising it’s never too late to stop to gain benefits.

The researchers also found that those patients who stopped smoking and then started again had a similar survival expectancy to those who didn’t stop smoking in the first instance.

Lead researcher Dr Reid said, “To our knowledge, this is one of the first studies to examine the impact of tobacco cessation on survival among lung cancer patients who participated in a mandatory assessment and automatic referral to a tobacco cessation service. Establishing services to accurately screen for tobacco use and easily accessible cessation programs are essential in the cancer care setting, to further improve the survival time and quality of life of patients”.

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