Elective check-ups – why might they help you?

  • I have been coming to WellBeing since it opened.  Its a wonderful place.  Staff are lovely, very caring and helpful.  Ian always sorts my pains and I have complete trust in him.  I always feel safe at WellBeing. I would always recommend WellBeing.  A couple of times over the years I have pulled a muscle and could hardly walk.  Ian has helped me and made me comfy.

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs Carolyn Jenkinson, Nurse

  • A very friendly clinic where you feel welcome and nothing too much trouble.  The treatment from Ian keeps me on my feet and free from pain.  Hope he doesn’t retire any time soon.


    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs Janet Scaife, Retired

  • Staff always fab they remember something personal you said to them even over 18 months ago (ie. Groupon vouchers and where I’d been with the vouchers).   They make you feel like you have come to see friends.  Richard is the same and always recalls something we spoke about months ago so I really value this personal service.  Which is one of the reasons I come back apart from I get results after placing my aching bones in Richards hands.

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs George Dodson, Traffic Police Officer

  • Richard (and Ian) has enabled me to continue working without a day off due to back or neck problems for over 20 years, excellent Chiropractic attention.  Always courteous, attentive and supremely qualified. Thank you.  PS the staff are great as well!

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mr Michael Emery, Graphic Designer

  • Parking – very good. Clinic – very welcoming staff wounderfull always helpful.  Appointments allways available when needed in an emergency.  Both chiropractors always very good and informative.  Been coming here for years and it has changed my life dramatically as I can now do much more than I could before my first visit.  Tv could be more informative i.e pictures explaining who is who.  Would always recomend to others.  As I have done already.

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs Clair Hallam, Senior Conductor/Guard

  • Reception staff, very friendly, kind, understanding + helpful.  Richard & Ian (Chiropractors) fabulous. Certainly know their stuff.

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs Susan Ward, Self scan host

  • Receptionist – really pleasant and efficient.  Reception – colourful, coffee welcome, furnishings comfortable. Parking – adequate but a little tight for larger cars. Chiropractors – Thorough, clear explanation/diagnosis treatment – effective – now just have periodic tone ups.  Recommendation- originally came as recommendation would recommend to others.

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mrs Shelagh Theyers, Semi Retired Domestic Godess

  • The clinics location is superb (when Derby isn’t covered in roadworks!).  The reception staff are very welcoming and are always able to accomode and support where nessesary. Richard is fantastic at explaining why I have my problems.  And does his best to relieve my pain.  The new presentation is very well put together and informative.  I had got reffered to physio, but decided to come here instead!

    5/5 Star Rating

    – Mr John Shaw, Sky tv engineer


At this point in time it will have been a while since your first treatment – often a number of months and provided there has not been any major hiccups on the way, you will likely be as good as we can get you. This may be:-

  • Back to your normal old self.
  • Even better than your normal old self.

Why could you be even better than your normal old self?  Simply during the process of getting you better we alter how your body functions.  As a result this can correct problems that could have been contributing to low levels of stiffness or pain that perhaps you considered as ‘being normal for you’ e.g. damage due to old injury that never quite got right, long hours working with poor postures, a lack of exercise or thinking it was age creeping up on you.

Now that you are feeling better these symptoms – with hindsight – could be an indication that you were not tuned up as well as you could have been.  This may have been the case for some time before your symptoms escalated to the point you came to see us.

A third possibility in your improvement may be:-

  • Better than you were before you came to see us but still with varying degrees of discomfort or stiffness.

This could be because you have some permanent tissue changes such as Osteoarthritis of the spine, knees, hips or scar tissue in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  It could also be that you are experiencing some symptoms than you might have otherwise had because of work and life commitments putting you in harm’s way.  For example spending hours at a computer or in the car.  Maybe working in a very physical job or not having the time to look after yourself in terms of exercise and healthy eating as well as perhaps you would like to.  Any one of a number of these might explain why you are not 100%.  The next stage to consider – Elective check-ups.

Why should I consider having an elective check-up as I feel ‘fine now’

Life is like spinning platesWhen feeling better there can be a tendency to let slip exercises and forget preventative advice.  Life is always about spinning plates and there always seem to be other more important things in life popping up to help distract you.  Many of our patients, particularly those with a history of  musculoskeletal problems or whose circumstances mean they keep aggravating their problem find that periodic elective check-ups and treatments are beneficial to help them achieve longer periods out of pain and/or better able to cope with everyday activities. See the testimonial above.

Many of our patients just report feeling much more mobile with the occasional elective check-up.  An elective check-up is also our chance to modify any advice as lives change.  Please keep doing your exercises.  Anything better than zero is good, even if you do not manage them as regularly as you should – they could help you work better!

Will you benefit from elective care?

It’s entirely up to you to decide if you want elective check-ups. On an individual basis your Chiropractor will discuss if you would be likely to benefit from them and how often could be best for you after considering such factors as any pre-existing damage, previous episodes, occupation/lifestyle.

Some of the benefits reported by our patients who have elective check-ups are that they help them to:-

  • Have less episode of pain/flare ups.
  • Stay working.
  • Enjoy their time with their family.
  • Enable them to play their favourite sports or pursue a hobby.
  • Enable them to enjoy their retirement to the full.

Simply, for some people it could help to keep them doing the things that are important to them.  Do not feel pressurised into having elective care.  The decision is always entirely yours.  If you decide that you do not want to have elective care or we consider it not necessary for you based on your problem, then we will be delighted to see you on a ‘as need basis’ should you get in to trouble in the future, whether that is for a similar problem or a completely new problem down the line.

Feeling good

Don’t forget Chiropractors do a lot more than just bad backs!  So if you or someone you know starts to suffer with joint, muscle or nerve type pain and are unsure if it is something that is suitable for Chiropractic care why not call us and speak to one of the Chiropractors.   You will always get honest professional advice as to your best course of action whether that be to book in for an examination or if it is more appropriate to get further tests/investigations via your GP.


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