Why might you want to have a no obligation consultation?

This is a very popular choice if you:-

  • Are seeking a second opinion.  Perhaps you feel you have been through the mill and that your problem has been dismissed or you have been told nothing can be done to help you and so you would like to hear the view of an independent musculoskeletal practioner.
  • Have been recommended to try Chiropractic treatment but are unsure if Chiropractic is for you and therefore want to ‘sound us out’ first before committing yourself to a course of treatment.
  • Don’t want to commit to treatment but still want a consultation to find out more about what is wrong and what you can potentially do to help yourself to get better.
  • Have been told nothing more can be done to help with your symptoms – e.g. by a GP, Orthopaedic surgeon or another manual practitioner such as an Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist, but want another opinion to establish whether this is indeed the case.
  • Are currently having treatment elsewhere (GP/Orthopaedic surgeon/Osteopath/Chiropractor or Physiotherapist) but for whatever reason would like another professional person’s input.  We find this can help you decide if the current treatment or recommendations are in your best interest and are your best course of action.


    For example:-

     i) If you are having treatment at the moment e.g. with another practitioner, but you do not seem to be making the progress that you believe you should be making.
    ii) You may have had surgery recommended but you want to be sure that this is the best course of action for your problem.

What are the benefits of a no obligation consultation?

We can help give you answers

We can help establish:-

  • The cause(s) of your problem(s).
  • The prognosis – i.e. what could well happen as time progresses both in terms of symptoms and disability.
  • Your treatment options.
  • We can advise you (if chiropractic treatment is suitable) what realistic improvements  you could expect and how long it could take and therefore cost.

Impartial and honest advice – always

Just because we are Chiropractors it does not mean that your best course of treatment is going to be Chiropractic treatment.  If we feel another course of action is more appropriate e.g. a hip replacement, surgery or onward referral back to your GP for more investigations (MRI/blood tests) then this will be done with a full detailed referral letter from us.  There is no further charge for this type of letter.

You can rest assured that we will always give you advice that is in you best interest.


Our philosophy has always been that if you are delighted with our service, experience and advice, even if we do not treat you, we believe that you will tell others – delighted patients means more referrals!

Don’t forget we are so confident that you will be happy with our service that we also offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  To read all about it just follow the link.