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This year more people seem to be planning holidays in old blighty. This can often mean you have the freedom to load up the car to the gunwales as you don’t have the strict 15-20kg flight allowance with its horrendous financial penalties for going over. And if you have children, you might as well bring everything bar the kitchen sink as you have the room!  This extra loading and the run up to the holiday can be hazardous to your joints so here are a few top tips to help reduce the possibility that you pull something out of kilter which could spell disaster for your holiday – something we would to try to avoid.

Tips holidaying by car

You get your car checked out for longer a run – a service, you check the tyre pressures water, oil and other fluid levels all of which can be good practice to help reduce the chance of something easily preventable going wrong. If it’s been a while since you have had yourself checked out or you have a low grade grumble for a while that you have been able to ignore without any consequences, then now is the time to get yourself checked. An extended period immobile in your car has the real potential to escalate and spoil your annual break.

Loading the car up

You are going to spend a considerable time loading up the car so in the run up to the holiday get a list of what you need and start to place the items close to where you can back the car up to. This can help reduce the number of trips you have to do around the house and to the shed getting the buckets, spades, boogie board’s, seats and other paraphernalia together. Of course if you are holidaying by caravan, the caravan can be used to load up things directly.

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